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Blondell’s approach to art has been consistent in its reliance on rich concepts exuding from the human experience. Her goal (and gift) is to give a visual, narrative voice to how our culture exposes the misconceptions of the past in the realities of the present. Her works confront the disjunction between cultural/historical dictates and the realities of contemporary life. The rich visual imagery that is inherent throughout all her work has been nourished through her early introduction to the artistic traditions of Europe and the impact of living in, and absorbing, multiple cultures as a child in Europe. As an American who lived abroad but came to artistic maturity in the United States, her perspective and concerns have become global in scope. The issues she considers are thrown into high relief by the clash between what we have been told to believe and how those definitions struggle to hold up to scrutiny in the light of 21st century life. 

Patricia S Canterbury

Paintings Curator 

Dallas Museum of Art

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